The Craft and Traditional dress Days

09-16March 2015

Eightdays dedicated to the promotion of Tunisian handicrafts

The National Handicrafts Office organizes from 9 to 16 March 2015 the first edition of  the Craft and Traditional dress Days, which objective is to make discover wealth, the issues and values ofthe Tunisianhandicrafts sectorto the public.Craft and Traditional dress Days allow crafts professionals to present their expertise by organizing open workshops and training centers, by organizing events (exhibitions, regional fairs, seminars, ...), the organization of the first fashion shows, locally and regionally.Alongside these days, the National Prize for the Promotion of Crafts will be awarded by the President of the Republic in favor of a crafts man or crafts woman. This is an award for recognition of know-how and crowning of a professional career in the Tunisian handicrafts sector (Decree No. 400 of 2001). This award will be presented on 16 March 2015.The traditional dress will be celebrated March 16, 2015 by the incentive of state officials and diplomatic representative sof Tunisia abroad, to wear the traditional Tunisian dress.The parade competitions of Tunisian fashion inspired of handicrafts "Golden Khomsa/Formal dress code &Ceremonial costume» will be held on 14 March. Traditional dress parades will be organized at the regional level during these eight days.TheNationalHandicrafts Officeis thenational coordinatorof these days. The event isimplementedin each governorateby theregional delegateof craftsmanship.The programwill be tailored toregional identity... Viewthe preliminary program.

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