National handicrafts fair 2014

Tunisian handicrafts, is much more than you think! Let us show you what inspires us.

Get ready! From 25 April to 04 May, the National Handicraft Fair will amaze you with the wealth of products made by Tunisian artisans and artists.
Each year since 1982, hundreds of professional craftsmen meet up for one of the largest sales exhibition of handicrafts and crafts in Tunisia: the National Handicraft Fair.
On an exposure exceeding 15000m ² of surface these craftsmen of glass, weaving, metals, textiles, stone, leather, ceramics and many other materials offer visitors handmade objects, inheritors of an ancestral expertise.
Utilitarian and decorative objects of exceptional quality, the National Handicraft Fair of Tunis offer unique and original creations that will please everyone ... and yourself!
Entertainment, awards and competitions, thematic exhibitions (traditional male clothes and accessories, best crafts exported, craft villages,): No matter your age, you will find something to satisfy your thirst for discovery.

Photographs of the 2013 event and virtual tours are available on the links.