Projects and Programs

Journeys of Knowledge Project

Introduction Established from the direct encounter between all Tunisian and Sicilian partners, the project brings together seven partners and four associates. It was developed for each country, taking into account the...[more]

Support project for E-commerce of Tunisian Craft Products

The intervention strategy The internationalization of trade and the competitiveness of Tunisian products especially in the foreign markets strongly implicate the adoption of e-business by Tunisian private economic operators.In...[more]

Craft enterprises upgrade project and investment promotion: response strategy

Introduction The Tunisian-Italian cooperation technical program under the Technical Cooperation Protocol between the Governments of the Tunisian Republic and the Italian Republic (signed in Tunis on October 5th, 2001); intends...[more]

EnACT Program

Introduction The EnACT (Enhancing Arab Capacity for Trade) program, funded by the Government of Canada, was initiated in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC),  joint organization of the United Nations...[more]