Create your project

The technical study

It mainly includes:

  • Identification of the promoter and his project.
  • The pattern of investment funding.
  • The estimated budget of the project.

 Stages of implementation

  •  Granting of the declaration certificate of deposit (National Handicrafts Office or one of its regional delegations).
  •  Registration of required documents (The tax office).
  • Opening of the license and fiscal identification (The Tax Control Office).
  • Registration in the commercial register (the Court of First Instance).
  • Publications (The JORT).
  • Customs Code (The Tunisian Customs).
  • Company affiliation to the social security system (CNSS).

Directions for the creation of a craft project

Creation of Individual Projects

Single Contact* Agencies Concerned
- Certificate of deposit declaration ONA
- Certificate of registration  
- Certificate of Affiliation to the Social Security CNSS
Tax identification certificate (license) Tax Control Office

Creation or expansion of companies

Different structures Agencies Concerned
- Certificate of deposit declaration
- Certificate of registration
Acts constituting registration Tax Office
Registration Tax Tax Control Office
Affiliation to the Social Security CNSS
Announcements of incorporation or modification Official Printing Office (Official Journal)
Certificate of deposit in the court registry Court of First Instance
Customs ID card Tunisian customs

(*) The Receiver of Finance territorially proficient who is responsible for providing the indicated documents for the project promoter.