Promotion of domestic and touristic markets

Fairs and national events programs

Event Date Place
National Crafts Fair April 25 - May 4 , 2014 Exhibition Center of Kram
Fair of carpets and traditional weavings December 2014 Exhibition Center of Kram

Fairs and regional events programs


Event Date
Crafts fair in Tataouine March 2013
Silk Fair in Mahdia April 27-29, 2013
International Tourism Fair April 25-27, 2013
North Crafts Fair May 18-27, 2013
Crafts Fair in Zaghouan May 29th- June 7th, 2013
Crafts Fair in Sousse June 27th – July 7th, 2013
Fair Silk in Mahdia August 17-22, 2013
Crafts Fair in Tabarka August 23th – September 1st, 2013
Crafts Fair in Nabeul August 16-25, 2013
Crafts Fair in Sfax December 20-29, 2013
Crafts Fair in Tozeur December 2013
Crafts Fair in Southeast (Gabes, Mednine and Tataouine) November 2013

Programs of promotional campaigns


Campaign Date Place
Promotional Campaign of the traditional pastry July 27th - August 7th, 2013 Exhibition Hall in Nabeul and Village of crafts DenDen
Promotional campaign of vegetable fibers October 21-31, 2013 Exhibition Hall in Nabeul and Kemla Al-Omran
Promotional Campaign of traditional clothings : expo-sale and Animation July 26th - August 7th , 2013 Exhibition HallAl-Kemla Al-Omran
Promotional campaign for silverware September 2-15, 2013 Exhibition Hal lAl-Kemla Al-Omran
Promotional compaign of the “Chachia” November 18-30, 2013 Souk Chaouachine and Exhibition Hall Al-Kemla Al-Omran
Promotional campaign of the end of the year gifts December 16-31, 2013 All craft villages