Salon "NY NOW" Agust 2014

The National Office Of Tunisian Handicrafts presents

Tunisian Handicraft’s Finest Artisans

Four exceptional craftsmen of Tunisia meeting at the New York Now August 16-19

Artisan Resources

Four creators of Tunisian luxury craft whose expertise combines tradition and modernity, offer their Tunisian inspiration. Already identified by individuals or professional, buyers they will meet this year at the International Exhibition NY Now.

A demanding and consistent selection

Real bridges between ancestral heritage and abundant creativity of designers and artisans eager to revive shapes, graphics and old techniques, the selection includes bath towels, pure cotton (the "Fouta"), plaids, scarves, the mosaic, olive wood products and decorative accessories.
All these quality new collections are made of materials from traditional local crafts (flax, wool bunting, silk, natural fibers and stone) and revisited in the light of urban and international trends. An outstanding opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and the Tunisian handicrafts trends.

A responsible concept

The trend is to safe values, objects which convey a story and whose ethical spirit brings its letters of nobility in the act of purchase. “the Craftsmen of Tunisia” seek to be the actors of a more friendly trade of man and his environment.
List of exphibitors