National Crafts Fair

The crafts fair is a reflection of a cultural heritage and showcases a new contemporary trend. Know-how and design combine to result in a quality product adapted to a modern lifestyle, meeting the requirements of national and international market.

This fair which gained notoriety and audience is the most anticipated. It was known until 2010 under the name of "Creative Crafts fair", hosting a national contest of Creative Crafts and a trade fair of handicrafts.

From 2011, the NHO has changed the name of the event "National Crafts Fair" and dissociated the contest of the fair.

In each edition, several hundred thousand visitors, including a large number of domestic and foreign professionals currently come to order. Visit the fair, to meet in one place and ten days, a considerable choice and the best of Tunisian handicrafts.

For ten days, the exhibition hosts several industry shows around the gifts world and interior and exterior decoration : Weaving, home textiles, linens, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, mosaic, wood, vegetable fibers, metals, blown glass, traditional clothes, traditional furnishings, fragrances, wrought iron, floral art, ornaments and decorative accessories.

Some 700 domestic exhibitors from all over the country offer for sale their products on an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters and more. With the most comprehensive range of craft products for the domestic and international market, Tunisian and foreign professional visitors, specialized retailers, interior designers, architects, hoteliers and the public can make their purchases and order.

It is the largest specialized event in the country dedicated to the utility craft and creation

Trade groups admitted at the fair:

  • Weaving (carpets, klim , mergoum , tapestry , traditional dyeing , silk, ... )
  • Clothing (embroidery, traditional costumes , lace , fez ...)
  • Leather ( traditional footwear , leather and embroidery on leather, upholstery , ... )
  • Wood ( traditional joinery , size and wood carving, traditional turning , openwork wood , gilding, olive wood, palm , ... )
  • Vegetable fiber (rattan , straw , cane, weaving , wicker , cork, ... )
  • Stone and clay ( pottery, ceramic , mosaic, stone carving and size , and size plaster sculpture , traditional brick , traditional tile, ... )
  • Metals ( silver , copper, jewelry , ironwork , armory, ... )
  • Glass ( manufacture of articles of molten glass , blown glass, sculpture and glass size )
  • Miscellaneous ( painting and decorating sue ​​all media , lighting , scent , traditional cage , coral, traditional musical instrument , calligraphy, object wax, decorative item , toy and doll, handcrafted food , damascene all kind ...)