In the spirit of launching a new line of male and female clothing, inspired by the traditional costume but functional and meeting the requirements of modern life, NHO established since 1996, the competition for the Golden Khomsa ,the hand of Fatima. The competition is open to artisans, designers and students of fashion design and schools.

The success of the fifth and sixth editions of the contest encouraged NHO to create a second competition: the Golden Khomsa for ceremonial costume. Then the Golden Khomsa for the male costume.

An awards ceremony enhanced by the "Golden Khomsa" defile is held in honor of the winners.

2013 Contests : Call for applications

The National Handicrafts Office launches a call for applications for national design competition of 2013.

  • Registration deadline : September 30, 2013
  • Deadline for submitting works October 30, 2013.

  1. National Competition of craft creation in vegetable fibers
  2. National competition of creative crafts « Gifts and souvenir »

  3. « Golden Khomsa » contest : open to professionals

  4. « Golden Khomsa » contest : open to fashion and design schools