Training Agreement of 2400 artisans

The Department of Training and Employment and the Ministry of Commerce and Handicrafts signed a training agreement of 2400 artisans.

This new framework for cooperation between the two departments tends to optimize the contribution of the craft sector in regional development, while taking into account the specificities of each region.

Signing this agreement is part of an action plan for the development of professional skills and enhancing the employability of young people, by carrying out targeted training operations promoting employment market access and creating projects.

The Ministry of Trade and Handicrafts undertakes, in this sense, to organize sessions of vocational adjustment in the craft business for the benefit of young people from different levels of education in various specialties.

The department will also provide 120 young graduates, customized training enabling them to create their own project.

Additional training sessions, continuing education and coaching were organized within the framework of this agreement.

The Ministry of Trade and Handicrafts is committed, via the National Handicrafts Office

to recruit 80% of young people trained in 2400.

This training program is funded by the Department of Training and Employment.

Signing of a cooperation agreement between the National Office of Crafts and the National Agency for Employment and self-employment for the implementation of a program strengthening the training and the employment in the handicraft sector.

This is to upgrade and develop the skills and abilities of young promoters to create projects, through the implementation of programs for additional training and coaching before and after the creation of the project.

The agreement also includes a work plan for the professional upgrade.