Framing structure

Ministry of Tourism and Crafts

Tasks and Responsibilities The Ministry of the Tourism has for mission to elaborate and to operate the policy of the government in the domains of the tourism and the tourist leisure activities.For that purpose, the Ministry of...[more]

National Handicrafts Office

Legal form The National Office of Tunisian Crafts is a non-administrative public company under the Ministry of Tourism and Crafts. Missions The National Office of Tunisian Crafts main tasks are to implement the state strategy...[more]

National Handicrafts Council

Creation Law No. 2005-14 of February 16 2005 on the organization of trades (Art. 18). Decree n ° 2005-3152 of December 6 2005 laying down the powers, composition and functioning of the National Council of craftsmanship. ...[more]

The National Federation of Handicrafts

Overview Representing the sector of traditional crafts in Tunisia, the national federation of handicraft currently comprises 13 national trade associations representing the most widespread craft activities, from traditional...[more]

Craft council

Creation Law No. 2005-15 of February 16 2005 on the organization of craft sector (Art. 20 and 23) Missions The trades council ensures the promotion of business activities and the preservation of urban and architectural...[more]

Technical Centre for Creation, Innovation and Framing of Carpet and Weaving

Creation Law No. 2006-60 of August 14 2006 on the technical centers of creation, innovation and framing in the craft sector.Decree of 2007 of the Ministry of Trade and Crafts Mission Technical centers of creation, innovation...[more]