Handicraft Trades

Weaving Crafts

Carpet Tunisia is known for its carpets, Mergoums, Klims tapestries and weavings. At all times and even today, from north to south, in the cities and countryside, weaving activities abound. Impregnated with customs and regional...[more]

Clothing Crafts

Traditional Costume If today, Tunisian dress and adorn themselves in the same way, it was different at the beginning of the century, where each region or every village had its male and female costumes. Traditional female...[more]

Leather and Footwear trades

With its variety of shapes and embroideries, the saddle was once the masterpiece of leather crafts. Besides balga (traditional footwear), leather craftsmen also manufactured all kinds of babouches such as besmaq, the rihya and...[more]

Wood Crafts

Antique furniture becomes rare pieces, non-functional and only decorative for modern interiors. Despite the scarcity of timber producing forests, woodworking is strongly rooted in crafts; Tunisian heritage includes illustrious...[more]

Vegetable Fibers Crafts

The work of plant fibers -an abundant natural material Tunisia- is back. The famous basket is a utility object which also accompanies the majority of Tunisians in their market. The mat, an alfa carpet of rushes or Colored...[more]

Jewellery and Silverware Crafts

Goldwork The history of the Tunisian jewelry traces its very roots to the beginnings of the Punic era from which it borrows several signs, symbols and forms that are found today in the current jewelry. This ancient craft has...[more]

Metal Craft

Wrought iron, white copper, enameled, metals are the kings in making trinkets and utility objects: vases, trays, teapots, kettles, pots, candy dishes, lamps, braziers ...Traditional techniques have exceeded the functional...[more]

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